Monday, September 15, 2014

Private video streaming

Today, we are pleased to announce an update to Alterante that allows you to privately stream your videos from your PC/Mac to any mobile device. Once you click play on mobile app, sit back and enjoy your videos instantly.

Video streaming works on any mobile device that supports HTTP Live Streaming protocol (This includes iOS, Android 4.4+, and Kindle Fire devices).   Check this link for more info about HLS.

The Desktop update will download and install automatically on PC/Mac.  Or you can update manually, using the Alterante Desktop tray tool.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Introducing: Alterante Free Edition (Beta)

The amount of digital files created and amassed by consumers and SMB is growing at an annualized growth rate of 49% (Source: Gartner). This “information tsunami” has created new challenges in data management, not only in terms of time and effort spent organizing, classifying and discovering new digital assets, but also in protecting data from accidental loss and managing security.

Current industry solutions for data management are anchored around two opposing paradigms. On one side, “on-premise” solutions that rely on locally owned-and-operated hardware & software. On the other, “pure cloud” solutions that host and manage data. Each of these present tradeoffs affecting universal access, data availability, total cost of ownership, and privacy.
At Alterante we developed revolutionary technology that provides a no-compromise solution, where users can get the full benefits of universal access and automatic data management at a reasonable cost, without sacrificing any privacy.
For consumers and SMB who need to organize and access their digital assets, Alterante automatically discovers, classifies, and manages all user-generated data, giving instant access from any device, safely and privately (no VPN required). Alterante manages backup and data replication across all available storage resources automatically (hard disks, USB drives, cloud storage), creating a low-cost, infinitely scalable backup solution that grows with user needs.
Starting today, Alterante Free Edition is available for Mac, Windows, and iOS. We are working on other platforms, including Android. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please give Alterante a test drive and send us your feedback. Enjoy!